For over 17 years, I've worked as an intuitive life coach and consultant, helping people transform their lives.

Whether it is a relationship with self-care, a significant other, or a relationship with money, I specialize in raising the vibration for a "Relationship Revolution". 

In my practice, I use practical advice, valid options, conscious language upgrading, hypnosis, and a powerful transformational system called Resonance Realignment Method ™.

The Resonance Realignment Method ™ is a healing technique used to clear deep belief systems from our subconscious by using negative and positive statements that rewire our neuro-emotional pathways.

We can't change history, what reality is, or what others think, but we can change what thoughts and beliefs you resonate with and how you feel. 

I can help you shift your mindset from what you don't want to what you do want, and instruct you on behaviors and action steps to maintain the new mindset.

You've reached my home base for all my materials, recorded realignment sessions and meditations, online workshops, and programs.

Take a look around!

Available Programs & Services

Momentum Monthly Membership

You want and deserve the best life has to offer. 

Get, keep, and increase your momentum toward everything you want now, Now, and NOW.

The Momentum Membership is the most convenient and affordable way to get Resonance Realignment™ Sessions, expert coaching, ongoing accountability, and group support on auto-pilot so you can easily manifest what you want next, Next, and NEXT — with velocity. 

This is your personal invitation to join us.

The easiest way to get increasingly better, Better, and BETTER results in life. 

Not everyone wants more out of life. But you do. 

You’ll never be done breaking through to the next level of manifestation, joy, performance, and full self-expression. 

And you want it to be EASY… 

Good news! IT CAN BE. 

Momentum Membership is for you.

Momentum moves things forward… It cracks diamonds (and relationship codes). 

Launches boulders (and businesses). 

Shatters glass ceilings (and limiting beliefs). 

With EASE.

Life UP Meditation Series - FREE

A 3-Part Meditation Series created to help you LIFE UP.

If you want to level up there are three simple questions that help you get clear on what really matters to you: 

  • Where do you keep hitting the glass ceiling?
  • Where have you given up believing more is possible?
  • What area of life isn’t living up to your highest standards? 

In this area(s), you’re likely dealing with a limitation. And it’s at a level of consciousness that you can’t access without certain tools…. And this is why it won’t budge. 

You can get the breakthrough you want — with Resonance Realignment™. 

This has all been scientifically proven. 

I’ve been booked solid. And… because I’ve decided to shift my business to do more of what I love (leveling people’s experience of life UP)... 

Confidence and Power Meditation - FREE

Ready to have a tool to help you build your confidence and power, while all that is required of you, is to sit back and relax?

If you want to make a permanent change... listen to the “Confidence and Power” visualization meditation for 21 days.

Rising Above Stress Hypnosis - FREE

Stress is of course real and in living everyday life it often is impossible to avoid it. However the power of our mind to rise above stress is also real!

I have created a wonderful and relaxing guided meditation/hypnosis to help you do just that, rise above your stress. This technique can be used anytime, anywhere, and by anyone.

Relationship Realignment - FREE

We will activate your resonance to align yourself with LOVE… and you’ll start with the love you give to yourself.

You'll get to experience how the Resonance Realignment Method can change the vibration of your negative beliefs and stories about self-love... and ultimately lead to the loving relationship of your dreams.

Money and Abundance Realignment - FREE

I'll help you uncover your hidden negative beliefs around money, and show you how to start changing them for good!

Return to Peace and Joy Realignment - FREE

This is for you:

  • If you’re feeling unsafe in the world, walled off, lacking humor or you’re feeling too vulnerable
  • If you are experiencing inner or outer chaos, or
  • If you are feeling like you have lost your connection to yourself, others or God…

Goal Setting Bundle - FREE

#goals. Stop typing them and start living them!

Get your free Mission Accomplished Goal worksheet & Hypnosis today!

By following the instructions on how to use this bundle, it could be your golden ticket to wealth, happiness, love, and success. It will get you what you want and it’s sooooooooo easy, you can do it in your sleep. Literally.

Breakup to Breakthrough Bootcamp Coaching Program

Are you going through a breakup or did you break up a while back but can't seem to let go and move on?

If you answer this with a big whopping YES, then you want to take a look at this 30-day online program that I have designed specifically to help you navigate your feelings, thoughts, actions, behaviors, plans, and responses. 

New to Me Session


Start here if you have never worked with me before.

Book a “New to Me” Zoom Video/Phone session. You save $55 on your first session with me to give you the opportunity to experience my work and to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Coaching & Realignment Session


If you have already worked with me or decide to continue working with me, you can book your Zoom Video/Phone session here.

My Programs & Services Available Programs & Services
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